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As required by the Eclipse Foundation Technology Compatibility Kit License, following is a summary of the TCK results for releases of Jakarta EE Platform 8, Web Profile..

Primeton AppServer V7 Web Profile, Certification Summary

Specification Name, Version and download URL: Jakarta EE Platform, 8

TCK Version, digital SHA-256 fingerprint and download URL: Jakarta EE Platform TCK 8.0.2 ,SHA-256: 14a21b617bb646055c2952f1422ec04a71389fb37301e1c2969f6c3700aee965

Any Additional Specification Certification Requirements:

Platform TCK Test results

Test results:

Additional standalone TCK Test results

Standalone test results:

Jakarta Dependency Injection 1.0 TCK

Download URL & SHA-256:, SHA-256: b679bac9b1057df894753892a880ba6ade530607dd811157106ed767aa26481f

TCK result summary:

Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection 2.0 TCK

Download URL & SHA-256, SHA-256: 75e969a7a3b3c77332154a2008309aad821a923d8684139242048a7640762808

TCK result summary:

Jakarta Bean Validation 2.0 TCK

Download URL & SHA-256, SHA-256: b6778914f78bfcce5d6934347d71502603b1b0a6bbfdfbcf956271c367d40974

TCK Result Summary: