Primeton MetaCube

Primeton data management platform (Primeton MetaCube) provides a reliable and convenient way for enterprises to establish metadata management.

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Primeton MetaCube helps companies use data to draw maps, improve data quality, mark azimuth data, analyze data relationships, and manage model changes. Primeton MetaCube also allows customers to more effectively explore and exploit the value of information assets to achieve accurate and efficient analysis and decision-making, to drive changes in management, reduce project risk, and gain a competitive edge in the complex market environment.

Primeton metadata management platform specification is based on CWM (Common Warehouse Metamodel).

It supports complex heterogeneous enterprise data sources, providing automatic collection of metadata interfaces according to the business needs.

A collection of templates with custom functionality through the meta-model allows changes on demand to be quickly adapted.

Support for maintenance of metadata and relationships through the interface provide a variety of needs analysis through its graphical user interface.

Metadata and version management capabilities with support for metadata export and batch analysis.

Results exported from metadata support full-text search capabilities.

Complete with flexible user rights management capabilities.

Currently supports the seamless integration of rapid deployment of enterprise metadata management systems and existing authentication system.